Garvald Glenesk Limited was set up in 1998, in order to offer residential care and support to twelve adults with learning disabilities, mental health issues and/or autistic spectrum disorders.

The woodland site in Midlothian and the two purpose built cottages, Garden Cottage and Wall Cottage, are owned by Viewpoint Housing Association.

The philosophy supporting our work is based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner, whose approach to human psychology and development highlights the uniqueness of each individual human, whatever their disability. He also developed particular therapeutic methods that we support the practice of at Garvald Glenesk.


The fundamental aim of Garvald Glenesk is to offer a happy, secure and fulfilling home life to every resident, and to create a community in which people can live and work creatively and peacefully.

The Garden at Garvald Glenesk

 “A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living”


(Rudolf Steiner)