We are currently looking for new Board Members to join our Council of Management.  Please see the Recruitment page for more information.  

Jane Campbell (Chairperson)

Jane has been a member of the Garvald Glenesk Council of Management since December 1999, and was already familiar with Glenesk and many of the residents, having worked with them as a learning disability nurse at Gogarburn Hospital, and having supported some of them through the move to their new home.  She continued working for the NHS Learning Disability Service until retiring in 2011.  Jane feels she has learned a great deal from being involved in the running of a small charitable organisation, but the most important thing for her has been Garvald Glenesk established as a real home for the residents.


Julie Brechin:

Julie joined the Garvald Glenesk Council of Management in November 2005 and has been the Chairperson since 2008. She has worked in the care sector since leaving school, initially training as a primary school/nursery teacher and then completing a post graduate qualification in social work.


Julie worked in further education colleges, and was latterly the Curriculum Leader for Social Care at Jewel and Esk College, Midlothian.


Her time on the Council of Management has been "interesting and challenging, it has allowed me to keep in touch with real practice and has deepened my understanding of social therapy."


Angela Kirkwood (Company Secretary):

Angela joined the Garvald Glenesk Council of Management in March 2010 and has twenty years experience in industry and commerce, as well as an honours degree in business. She joined the Council of Management to "give something back". Angela describes her role within the Council of Management as extremely fulfilling and says it gives her the chance to "make a difference in peoples' lives." Her main area of expertise is in advising in the areas of business and finance.


Siroos Gholami

Siroos has been a member of the Garvald Glenesk Council of Management since 2010.  He trained as an architect and has been in the profession for over 30 years with over 20 years experience of running his own practice.  He now heads his own property development company where he has focused his entire attention since 2008.  


Siroos has always been committed to helping others in whatever way he can and has in the past acted as director for other charities concerned with helping elderly people.  He believes it is everyone's duty to help look after others who are less able to take care of themselves and their affairs.  


Michael Gray:

Michael joined the Garvald Glenesk Council of Management in January 2011. His early career was in the printing and publishing industry in London and Sydney, joining Scottish Equitable in marketing and purchasing, prior to becoming General Secretary of Aegis trade union, and Chair of AEGONEuropean Works Council.  Consultancy roles followed retirement, and a long association with theSick Childrens Hospital and Youth Vision.  Joining Garvald Glenesk means I can sharmyexperience as well as learn from a quitexceptional group of people who have the mosremarkable skill set.
Shirley Archibald


What do the Council of Management do?

They are the people who serve on the governing body of Garvald Glenesk Limited. The Garvald Glenesk Council of Management are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the charity.


They have the ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the charity, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the people for which it has been set up.